Commercial Electrical Inspections in Toronto

Trusted Commercial Electrical Inspection Services in Toronto Since 2004

If you have just purchased a new building, or you have an existing building where the electrical wiring is a concern, Kronos Electrical can help. Our certified commercial electrical inspectors can inspect your commercial building, ensuring that your building meets correct electrical code.

Our inspectors are trained to inspect and identify issues, if an issue is found, an electrician from Kronos Electrical can offer you options to have the problem rectified. When you choose our inspectors for your commercial electrical inspections you will receive:

  • Prompt Service
  • Courteous and Professional Service
  • An Experienced Inspector
  • Electricians That can Troubleshoot and Fix Issues
  • A Good Communicator

Our commercial electrical inspectors have sat and passed all exams needed for the correct certification, and will ensure that your building is not just up to code but is also safe.

Our Commercial Electrical Inspections in Toronto

When one of our certified commercial electrical inspectors inspects your property you can expect the following:

  • A top to bottom inspection of your property.
  • A certified report bringing any issues to your attention.
  • Ideas on how you can correct any issues found during the inspections.
  • Electricians that can correct your issues in a safe yet economical manner.

You can be assured that our certified and trained inspectors will provide you with a full list of electrical issues within your building, as well as solutions to have these problems fixed.

Our Flat Rate Pricing for Commercial Electrical Inspection Services

You can be assured when working with one of our commercial electrical inspectors, that there will be no surprises or extra fees when it comes to your commercial electrical inspection’s pricing. Our flat rate pricing lets you know the exact amount you will pay for one of our trained inspectors to come out to your property and provide you with a full inspection.

Why Hire a Kronos Electrical for Your Commercial Electrical Inspections?

Over the past 10 years, Kronos Electrical has worked hard to build a strong reputation within the Toronto community. We have done this by providing excellent electrical services at competitive prices. Our commercial electrical inspection services are completed by professionals, who will come out to your property and treat you and your property with respect. Our commercial electrical inspectors are skilled communicators, and will be able to communicate to you any problems or issues, using terms you can understand. You can trust our electrical inspectors to provide an honest appraisal of your properties electrical work, whilst also providing cost effective solutions.

Request a Commercial Electrical Inspection

If you are in need of commercial electrical inspection services, contact the experts at Kronos Electrical today for a free, no-obligation electrical inspection estimate today. Call us at 416.579.1707 or fill out a contact form to get started!